Over and over
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Ca sỹ: Santana
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 Dm                             A7    
 I never dare to reach for the moon 
 A7                                  Dm    
 I never thought I'd know heaven so soon 
            Bb                 F     
I couldn't hold to say how I feel 
               A7                  Dm      
The joy in my heart no words can reveal 
 Dm                            A7    
 Over and over I whisper your name 
 A7                        Dm     
 Over and over I kiss you again 
           Bb                     F     
I see the light of love in your eyes 
         A7                Dm       
Love is forever, no more goodbye 
 Dm                                  A7     
 Now just a memory the tears that I cried 
 A7                                  Dm      
 Now just a memory the sighs that I sighed 
             Bb                         F     
Dreams that I cherished all have come true 
        A7                Dm      
All my tomorrows I give to you 
 Dm                                  A7    
 Life's summer leaves may turn into gold 
 A7                                      Dm   
 The love that we share will never grow old 
              Bb                 F     
Here in your arms no words far away 
               A7                 Dm    
Her in you’re arms forever I'll stay 
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